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Lansing Community Council
PO Box 255
Lansing, NY 14882-0255

Dear Lansing Resident,

The North Log Cabin, the oldest cabin in Tompkins and Cayuga Counties and one of the oldest in the United States, was reassembled in Myers Park this summer. This cabin was originally built by Thomas North in Lansing just 3 1⁄2 miles north of the present site in 1791. It spent 50 years at the Cayuga Museum in Auburn, and was returned to Lansing in 2007. It was disassembled into its individual logs in order to move it here. We are raising money now with the hope that we will be able to complete the reassembly of this valuable piece of our town’s history. I estimate that for Phase II to be completed we will need an additional $10,000 which will include paying the balance due for the roof, the chinking procedure, period doors and windows.

This cabin was built by a family that played a part in American history since before the Revolutionary War. Two of Thomas North’s grandsons moved west to Michigan where they named their new home Lansing, after their former New York home.

Please help us preserve this important piece of town, county, and U.S. history. Donors who give a minimum of $150 will be listed in the ‘North Log Cabin’ section of the Lansing Harbor Festival program every year. But any amount will help.

To participate please make your tax deductible check out to the “Town of Lansing” and write “North Cabin” in the memo field, and mail it to:

Lansing Community Council PO Box 255 Lansing, NY 14882-0255


Ed LaVigne President, Lansing Community Council

I want to help restore the North Log Cabin in Myers Park. Enclosed is␣$100␣$50 ␣$25 ␣$10 ␣other

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This flyer tells about the North Log Cabin project and how you can contribute.  Feel free to print a copy and share it with friends.

If you have questions about contributing or volunteering, click here to request information.