Sign and Kiosk Installed

lc_120Myers Park bustled with scores of volunteers working hard to build a new playground in Myers Park.  The project is led by the Lansing Community Council, which took the lead in raising nearly $120,000 so far and getting volunteers together to construct the community project.  Across the park, another Community Council project was having a piece installed as well.  The North Log Cabin, which was originally built in Lansing in 1791 and was reassembled in the park had another piece installed, every bit as important as the cabin itself: a kiosk holding a sign telling visitors about the cabin and its unique Lansing history.

The kiosk project was designed and led by Martin Keefe as part of the requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout.  Eagles must earn 21 merit badges, serve actively for a period of six months in a leadership role in his troop, and plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project.  Keefe chose the kiosk project as a needed element of the cabin project that would not only serve as a historical marker, but tie it in with other features already in Myers Park.

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Concrete Laid for 1791 Log Cabin

Friday, 18 September 2009 ImageA crew of about ten men was on the scene at Myers Park yesterday to put in a concrete slab for Lansing's historical 1791 log cabin.  Contractor Al Roy was on hand to supervise workers that included volunteers from McCarthy Builders.  The crew arrived at 6:30am, and by 7:30 they were smoothing the surface.  The 24' x 18' log cabin will be erected beginning next week near the entrance to the park.

Purists have criticized the project because the cabin is not 100% original.  But Lansing Community Council President points out that the original roof has been long gone, and the concrete slab will help protect what is left of the original four walls for a long time to come.  Some of the logs have rotted and will be replaced with replica logs, but the majority of the four walls are original to the 218 year old cabin.

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June 1 WHCU Interview

On June 1,2009 Dave Vieser interviewed Ed LaVigne on WHCU 870's Morning News Watch.  LaVigne talked about the history of the cabin and what is happening in terms of a timeline, fundraising, and materials and volunteers needed.  So far the project is on track to be constructed in July.

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